Lifestyle In Home/Outdoor

Lifestyle photography aims to capture candid and authentic moments in real-life settings, reflecting the genuine dynamics and personalities of individuals or families. Here's what you can generally expect during a lifestyle photography session:

Natural and Candid Moments: Lifestyle photography is characterised by capturing natural, candid moments rather than posed shots. Expect me to focus on genuine interactions, emotions, and expressions.

Location Choices: Lifestyle sessions often take place in meaningful and familiar locations, such as your home, a favourite park, or any place that holds personal significance. The goal is to create a comfortable and authentic environment for the photoshoot.

Minimal Direction: During lifestyle photography I typically provide minimal posing direction. Instead, I encourage natural interactions and activities, allowing for genuine moments to unfold. This approach helps capture the authentic essence of the subjects.

Everyday Activities: Lifestyle sessions may involve incorporating everyday activities into the photoshoot. This could include playing games, cooking, reading, or engaging in hobbies to capture the family or individual in their element.

Wardrobe Choices: Wardrobe choices for lifestyle photography sessions are often casual and comfortable. The goal is to reflect your personal style and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Storytelling Approach: Lifestyle photography tells a story. I aim to document a slice of your life, capturing the connections, emotions, and interactions that make your story unique.

Incorporation of Surroundings: The surroundings play a significant role in lifestyle photography. Expect me to incorporate the environment, whether it's your home, a park, or an urban setting, to add depth and context to the images.

Family Involvement: Family members, including children and pets, are actively involved in lifestyle sessions. I aim to capture the relationships and connections within the family, fostering a natural and unscripted atmosphere.

Post-Session Viewing and Selection: After 2 weeks from photo session, Online gallery will be ready with edited images. This is an opportunity to select your favourite photos and discuss any additional products.

Lifestyle photography is about capturing the beauty in the ordinary, highlighting the unique aspects of your life and relationships. It's a relaxed and enjoyable experience that results in a collection of images that authentically tell your story.