Cake Smash/Birthday

A cake smash and birthday photography session is a fun and memorable way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. Here's what you can generally expect during a cake smash and birthday photography session:

Age Range: Cake smash sessions are typically scheduled around the baby's first birthday. This age is chosen because babies are usually sitting up independently and are curious and playful. Other birthdays are welcome too, where we can photograph paint smash or blowing candle on cake for older children.

Pre-Session Planning: I will conduct a pre-session consultation to discuss your preferences, themes, and any specific ideas you have for the session. This is an opportunity to plan the details, including the cake, decorations, and outfits.

Theme and Decorations: Cake smash sessions often have a theme or colour scheme chosen by parents. Popular themes include princess, animals, floral, or a favorite character. Decorations may include balloons, banners, and props to enhance the setting.

Cake Selection: Parents typically provide the cake for the session. Choose a cake with vibrant colors and a soft texture that makes it easy for the baby to smash and play with. It's common for the cake to match the chosen theme. Avoid red and chocolate icing.

Outfit Options: Parents can choose outfits for the baby to wear during the session. Many opt for a cute birthday outfit or a themed costume that complements the overall theme.

Studio or Location: Cake smash sessions can take place in my studio or an outdoor location, depending on your preference.

Introduction and Warm-Up Shots: The session often begins with some warm-up shots before introducing the cake. These shots may include the baby in their birthday outfit, capturing their cute expressions and excitement. Couple of shots with siblings and parents can be done here too.

Cake Smash Moment: The highlight of the session is the cake smash moment. The baby will be placed near the cake, and I will capture the joy and messiness as the baby explores, smashes, and tastes the cake.

Candid and Posed Shots: I will capture a mix of candid moments and posed shots throughout the session. This includes shots of the baby interacting with the cake, as well as family shots if desired.

Clean-Up and Bath Time: Be prepared for the messy but enjoyable time. I offer bath time photos to capture aftermath of the cake smash. This can result in adorable, bubbly images.

Post-Session Viewing and Selection: After 2 weeks from photo session, Online gallery will be ready with edited images. This is an opportunity to select your favourite photos and discuss any additional products.

The overall atmosphere of the session is celebratory and fun. The goal is to capture baby's delight, curiosity, and messy enjoyment of their first birthday.