A sitter photography session is a delightful way to capture the milestones of a baby who has gained the ability to sit independently but is not yet fully mobile. Here's what you can generally expect during a sitter photography session:

Age Range: Sitter sessions typically take place when the baby is around 6 to 10 months old. At this age, babies can sit up on their own, showcasing their emerging motor skills.

Session Duration: Sitter sessions are usually shorter than newborn sessions, typically lasting around 1 hour. This accommodates the baby's attention span and allows for breaks if needed.

Pre-session Consultation: I will conduct a pre-session consultation to discuss your preferences, wardrobe choices, and any specific themes or props you'd like to incorporate.

Wardrobe Choices: Parents can choose outfits for their baby that reflect their style and preferences. Cute onesies, rompers, or other comfortable and adorable outfits are commonly chosen for sitter sessions.

Interactive Photography: Sitter sessions often involve interactive elements to capture the baby's emerging personality. I may use toys, bubbles, or play peek-a-boo to elicit genuine smiles and reactions.

Props and Setups: Props and setups for sitter sessions may include age-appropriate items, soft blankets, baskets, and simple, neutral-colored backgrounds. The focus is on capturing the baby's expressions and personality.

Clean, Simple Backgrounds: Backgrounds are often kept clean and simple to keep the focus on the baby. This allows me to capture the unique milestones and expressions of the baby.

Family Involvement: Parents and siblings are encouraged to participate in sitter sessions. Including family members can create heartwarming moments and showcase the relationships within the family.

Expressing Personality: Sitter sessions focus on capturing baby's personality and emerging abilities. I will aim to document the unique expressions and gestures during this stage.

Post-Session Viewing and Selection: After 2 weeks from photo session, Online gallery will be ready with edited images. This is an opportunity to select your favourite photos and discuss any additional products.

Sitter sessions are a wonderful way to document your baby's growth and personality during this charming stage of development.